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Winters in Scandanavia can be extremely harsh. Temperatures at Oslo Gardermoen Airport and Stockholm Arlanda Airport can regularly fall below -25 Degrees Celcius during the winter. Engineering support from a Part 145 company experienced in these conditions is vital to ensure the serviceability of your aircraft. Fan blade icing is a constant issue during winter, doors freeze at altitude and remain frozen on landing. Potable water, galleys and toilets will freeze easily on unheated aircraft, even when heating is on, the pipes or tanks in the unheated or unpressurised part of the fuselage will freeze. Aircraft batteries are also susceptable to damage, below certain temperatures on heated aircraft, many manufacturer's recommend removal. We recommend batteries remain onboard with the aircraft heated


If an aircraft is left overnight during a Scandanavian winter, it is vital that an engineer perform a cold weather check.


SAM Aero's engineers are all highly experienced in winter operations. We will ensure all liquid liable to freeze is removed, potable water and toilet tanks drained correctly and all galley equipment is drained.

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